Minimalist Photography.

Minimalist Simplicity….

A judge came to visit our club last season and whilst introducing himself he thought it a good idea to show us some of his work. I thought this was a little strange at the time, but on seeing his work it made me realise what he was doing and saying without words…. ” hey I can take decent images as well – so I know a thing or two”. You might think this a little bold, showing off, maybe but he was making a point to us. In my opinion a valid one. He was good and knew his photography.


His style was based on his favourite photographer Michael Kenna. I’d never heard of Michael Kenna so, I checked him out on a Google search and was amazed to find his work. Not only images but podcasts showing him at work and being interviewed. They were fascinating. Michael Kenna in my opinion, is arguably the foremost minimalist photographer today. Studying his work and the style of minimalist photography has got me hooked.

Miami Deco…

With further study of this style I have come across Michael Levin. Another specialist in this field of minimalist photography who is equally as good and has one many awards for his work.


This final image to me is – Minimal Simplicity, but with so much atmosphere!

My thanks to the Judge and to Mssrs Kenna and Levin.