Re ghosts of London walk about

Hi to you all I found this on google+ and thought it a good idea…

This might be some fun Im going to have to check my Calendar at work, I think I might try to go to this…

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photo.jpg Haunted October Photowalk

We’ve just shared an event for a Photowalk in October, this one being the +Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk therefore we won’t post just as yet the Event Page for the official October Photowalks London edition.

Still, as many people need a far bit of warning, we just wanted to let you know that our October Photowalk will be on Saturday the 27th October, from 4pm till 23pm.

The theme of the Photowalk is of course Halloween, we shall be wondering around London’s old streets, …
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By Artgriffo – Sent from my iPad