The Avenue


Architecture Paris style.

Louvre, ParisAs far as I know only the French would have the courage, and make it work, to put a modern piece of architecture on the same plot of land next to a classic building several hundred years old . The Musée du Louvre originates from the 12th century and later was transformed from a palace to a museum in the Napolionic period.

A thought for the Day

I was thinking just the other day when does Photography become Fine Art? Where is the cross over? What constitutes a piece of Fine Art Photography or just a Photograph? I’ve studied/looked for a definition for this statement/description – Fine Art Photography – and there are many explanations, but my thought is why the difference. After all every photograph be it photo journalism, abstract, landscape or portraiture – any style, is a piece of ART. Fine Art could that be a description for the tools we use (cameras against brushes). But even then surely some artists (painters/sculptures) could be called Fine Art Artists. Personally I don’t see the need for the statement – Im a Fine Art Photographer. All photography is Art. Or are photographers trying to create an alternative market to sell their work in and put themselves on a special pedestal above others? Why don’t we just call it Photography – I’m a photographer. As simple as that – maybe!