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Lost Treasure of London

On a recent walk about in London, I came across a hidden treasure of our city. Southwark Cathedral.

Quote from wikipedia –

“Southwark Cathedral or The Cathedral and Collegiate Church of St Saviour and St Mary Overie, Southwark, London, lies on the south bank of the River Thames close to London Bridge.

It is the mother church of the Anglican Diocese of Southwark. It has been a place of Christian worship for over 1,000 years, but a cathedral only since 1905. The present building is mainly Gothic, from 1220 to 1420.”

The architecture is stunning. Well worth a stop to admire it.

The Griff

Architecture Paris style.

Louvre, ParisAs far as I know only the French would have the courage, and make it work, to put a modern piece of architecture on the same plot of land next to a classic building several hundred years old . The Musée du Louvre originates from the 12th century and later was transformed from a palace to a museum in the Napolionic period.

It’s all over for Film Photography…

Well it seems the art of film processing has passed away. I recently spotted this film processing shop all boarded up and the building about to be demolished. No way back now, the digital format has taken complete control. There has never been a problem with printing colour digitally only the mono side has proved problems – but those days are gone. You take a look at a mono darkroom produced print and a quality digital print and there is no comparison – digital wins hands down…

If you are still using film – well you better stock up ‘cos film stocks in the warehouses are running low and I think you will soon see that film photography will be a thing of the past… That includes the medium and large format image makers… No matter what the die-hards say.
The camera and printer quality has never been better and no doubt they will continue to improve.
So goodbye Film – hello – and a warm welcome – to the Digital age…
Its a shame but maybe thats progress…
No more chemicals to worry about… An industry dead.