Basilique du Sacré-Cœur


Window reflections

When walking the streets of any city it strikes me the quality of the glass that is used in buildings today. This highly reflective and no doubt intensified heat insulating material creates such high saturated colourful reflections. These structures bring colour to a any city that was once bleak and uninteresting. From the 1950’s bleak, anything will do style, enter the colour of glass and beautiful structures of today.

Must see Smibs.TV

You’ve got to check this site out! Two very special programmes shown weekly via this free Tv site, hosted by Peter Urban.

Fine Art Photography Weekly and Photo Espresso great conversation with a selection of photographers.

Fantastic for us photographers looking for inspiration..

Its a must see!

Travel Photography…

The HDR process…

HDR the future of photography with saturated colours and a true reflection of how our eyes see the world. At last a process that can copy what we are viewing and want to record and not rely on the camera to under or over expose images to see the final required result…

The conservative view, the traditionalist of photography, will say that this style is over done, its not real, its unnatural, but stop and think for a moment how many times have you taken a photograph and viewing it later realised that the scene was not exactly how you saw it? Those views can become reality now…

Use HDR. It will open your eyes….