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Out Walking – Keep your head up!


I was out walking my lovely dog – Stella – this morning and it got me thinking, how we take in the local environment as we go along for granted….

What do we see? It struck me how fortunate we are to have a head and eyes, that can rotate up down and side to side.

At this time of the year the colours are amazing especially as the recent weather conditions have encourage the emphasis of the reds and yellows in the foliage to be so vivid.

Whilst looking down you’ll see some strange objects and unusual growing features to create some interesting photographic abstracts…

To the side you’ll see the Pink Rose feeding its way through the garden railings… And up, you’ll see one of the last autumn leaves against a beautiful blue sky.

When out walking don’t keep your head down – look around – take it all in ‘warts an all’…














































Lost in Paris

Mobile phone photography…

Whilst killing time in La Defense Paris a few weeks back i made the cardinal sin – I left my camera in the hotel.. With all the architectural opportunities to photograph available I felt like screaming – I just hadn’t enough time to go back get my camera then return to work! Any means of something to record what i was seeing was needed – the mobile phone came to the rescue…. A Blackberry Bold. Now I know the lens on the phone is not that great – in comparison to other mobile phones not to mention compact camera’s and DSLR’s – but if you need something then my Blackberry was better than nothing…

La Defense is an area of architectural saturation and can only be matched by similar areas in our modern cities in europe such as Barcelona, Madrid, and our City’s – London – Canary Warf… These areas, that have developed over the last few decades, have allowed designers a freedom to express strength, power, solidity and beauty.

Thanks to the Bold I could get some record of this fascinating vibrant area. One which I will return to next time with a better camera and lens.