K.I.S.S and make it happen!

A few years back before I got injured I used to play a lot of golf. I mean a lot! Basically I couldnt get enough of golf. I watched amateur and professional competitions both live and of course on the TV.
Then I began to realise something… Listening to all the pro’s comments after their round they were saying the same thing, “I played well but left a lot of shots out there today!” it was almost as if they had been brainwashed into saying this after their round of golf. Well of course they had in a way, the psychologist had told them to remain positive afer their play and to only think about the positives – I hit the ball real well today, putted well, but left a few shots out there”. Well boring boring boring get a life.
Taking the decision that I couldn’t play golf as well as I would have liked and to stop playing wasn’t a tough decision for me, others will say well you didn’t really love the game then! Well that’s wrong I did and still do – it’s a great game leveller in my opinion, great comraderie, sportsmanship and a good days walk..
So I turned to photography – well returned is a better way of putting it… I got myself a Nikon D50 then a D200 a few lenses and I’m off again taking shots. I joined the local photography club and won a few competitions. Got a creditation with the Royal Photograhic Society and have started twittering sending photos to my flickr site, web site and writing and posting images to this blog and others. I listen to a lot of podcasts read the best magazines, and marvel at photographers work, and to think today I hear how some photographers are out there taking shots checking the aperture, checking the shutter speed, checking the light, waiting for the right moment, checking the light, checking the aperture, checking the shutter speed…. STOP STOP STOP! Right there.
Haven’t I been here before. Are some of you getting in the way of your own skills all this checking, the only thing you haven’t done is seen the psychologist to check you out and get you into the right frame of mind, sorry no pun intended – like all the pro golfers think they have to do!
And then today, finally someone comes out with a comment that makes a great deal of sense and one that in my opinion will carry you through almost any issue, problem, game or skill you partake in….


Keep It Simple Sunshine…
Try it both you golfers and photographers don’t let things get in the way of your enjoyment…

Keep It Simple Sunshine…

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