Walking around Paris

I recently visited Paris. A wonderful city, in full autumnal bloom. Dynamic buildings in the new La Defense region and the old established ones, in the main part of the city, which gives Paris its unique style.

The cafe culture born in Paris is often copied but never bettered by other cities. The madness of the driving – you have to be bold and cross the road at your peril.

Only the Parisians with their Art Culture would think – even consider – putting a modern glass pyramid next to the established old building of the Louvre!

Palaces, churches, art, museums and monuments Paris has got it all..

Whats more I didn’t get to see half of it… Ill have to go back!

To be judged or not!


I hope you get a chance to reply to this blog as Im interested to know how any of you feel about photo club judges , what are your experiences good or bad…

I ask this as I am a program secretary for my local photo club and have read recently of how photo judges have been pretty poor not only in their technical comment of an image but their technical knowldege of photo taking or editing. How for instance can a judge say that a print has got alot of grain in the print when the photographer used velvia 50 film and darkroom processed the print himself?

I haven’t to date had any problems with judges some are harsh others a little lenient, but I’m concerned for the future. As we have a shortfall of judges are we coming to a point that those chosen as judges simply haven’t got the experience or knowledge to do decent job.