I don’t want to say I told you so! But I might…

I’ve been saying this for some time now. The big two photography companies (Nikon and Canon) have got to keep an eye on the competition and the needs and wants of the consumer both amateur and pro. I’m reading of many hobbyists and pros that are switching from heavy dSLR gear to the lighter Sony, NEX, Fuji X and Olympus OMD cameras. Don’t question the image quality of these cameras they are there and in some cases have to be seen to be believed. Is this the slow death of dSLR’s? Its taken some time for Blackberry to succumb to the smart phone competition, but it looks like history maybe repeating itself in the camera market.

It now appears that the market is catching up with our illustrious duo and its being reflected in stock market prices! They are losing market share and in some cases rather rapidly.

Heres an article that substantiates my view, which I think you will find of interest…


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