In photography now and then you need a little inspiration….

In photography now and then you need a little inspiration. I’ve found this just recently with the mono work by Joel Tjintjelarr.

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Take a look at this work by the master in Mono work Joel Tjintjelarr.

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Maybe NIKON heard me cry out!

If this rumour is true, and by the number of comments being made it appears it just might be, Then all I can say is…

AT LAST NIKON… You are starting to rock.

This is what your users want and to tempt all those lost souls out there that moved away back to the happy family of Nikon…   Admittedly as THOM Hogan states Nikon are walking a fine line but ‘hey’ if you need to do something like this to get the attention and the buyers back who cares..

Go for it Nikon, If you heard my cry thanks for listening…

Links to the articles

and Thom Hogan as commented as well

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Sony said they would and they have!

About, I think it was two years ago, I went along to a presentation day for Sony. They showed their latest translucent mirror DSLR camera and the new (at the time ) NEX7, and they made a statement.. ‘We intend to be the No1 camera manufacturer’ They thought it was time that the top two – Nikon and Canon – need a new competitor and they were very serious that they thought Sony could do just that.

Now at the time I was an ardent NIKON user. I thought fat chance, you haven’t got the background, the history and you haven’t got the lenses Sony. You can’t be serious!

Well how wrong was I.

Over this last two years we have seen a proliferation of mirror-less cameras come to the market and the ‘BIG’ two have just sat back and well, done little but try to break in to this market with new sensor sizes and smaller cameras and relying on their DSLR market share to keep them ahead of their competitors. I think they have lost the plot now and I don’t think it will be long before Sony are the number One preferred camera maker in the world. There comes a time when you can’t sit on your laurels and say ‘but look at us look at all that we have and done in the past’. You have to be inventive you have to break the mould and rules if necessary.

Sony have done that with their mirror-less innovations and now have taken the huge step into Full frame, with the A7 and A7R. Keep an eye on the other manufacturers as well like Fuji, Panasonic – Lumix – ( and maybe Olympus although I think they are main stream 4/3 now). I’m sure it wont be long before we see something from them soon in the full frame market! Sony have led the way, Nikon and Canon will regret this unless they have something really special up their sleeves SOON and if they are not careful they may slip even further down the pecking order.

Who’s to say that in a few years time the camera league might look like this… 

1/. Sony

2/. Panasonic (Lumix)

3/. Fuji

one camera one lens – Thats me!

Artgriffo (Aka Paulg)

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Nikon you must get this sorted!

Media reaction to new NIKON D610…This just wont go away!
NIKON you have got to get this sorted…

A very interesting article on how the media see the new D610 release. Posted byThom…

How can a company such as Nikon, steeped in history and appeal, one of the top two camera manufacturers in the world, let this go on…

Nikon’s PR and Marketing/consumer knowledge is at a loss I feel….

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I don’t want to say I told you so! But I might…

I’ve been saying this for some time now. The big two photography companies (Nikon and Canon) have got to keep an eye on the competition and the needs and wants of the consumer both amateur and pro. I’m reading of many hobbyists and pros that are switching from heavy dSLR gear to the lighter Sony, NEX, Fuji X and Olympus OMD cameras. Don’t question the image quality of these cameras they are there and in some cases have to be seen to be believed. Is this the slow death of dSLR’s? Its taken some time for Blackberry to succumb to the smart phone competition, but it looks like history maybe repeating itself in the camera market.

It now appears that the market is catching up with our illustrious duo and its being reflected in stock market prices! They are losing market share and in some cases rather rapidly.

Heres an article that substantiates my view, which I think you will find of interest…

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