K.i.s.s – What can you do with a little?

A good friend on Google+ +Valerie Jardin (a great street photographer) shared this post recently…. I just had to post it on to you all to read…

Give it some thought and think about your photography, your equipment and how you go about taking photographs. Just maybe you need to go back and review how much equipment you have and use….


“If you can do a lot with a little then you will grow. You’ll prosper. You’ll finally get to own a decent kit, but I swear you’ll look back and realize that it wasn’t gear that got you to where you are.” ~ Zack Arias

One camera one lens for me.


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Using the Fuji X-E1, I’m back to one camera, one lens… I’ve…

Using the Fuji X-E1, I’m back to one camera, one lens… I’ve become more aware and selective of what to take and not just clicking away ad-hoc, and filling the card up. Could it be the X-E1, with that retro look, feels like an old film camera, and I subconsciously think I have only 36 exposures?

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