A Formula to success.

Well done to Sebastian Vettel for winning the Formula One Title this year. What a season going down to the last race with three / four drivers in with a chance of winning it outright. I say three or four, as I think it was a long shot for Lewis to win.

But its a Formula Ford shot that you see below. This is where the majority of Formula One drivers cut their teeth in the single seater. No X-Factor here with any chance of quick entry into the premier racing teams and 1 million contracts for a year, from just driving cars round the streets and the odd “Beech-side Go-Karting” experience (as close to Karaoke that I could think of).

Oh no! All the drivers have done their ground work from Go-Kart through to Formula 3 and testing cars, prior to getting the nod for the top job. A Formula One contract.

Formula Ford is where I think alot of team managers can see if the driver will cut it in the big league – given the car! This is where the hard graft and the constant practice starts.

No easy route!


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